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I am a Post-Doctoral Researcher (Wissenschaftliche Assistentin) in the Department of Sociology at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Here, I joined Heather Hofmeister's team for sociology of work and Markus Gangl's team for social stratification and social policy. Before coming to Frankfurt, I earned a PhD in Sociology from Emory University in Atlanta.

My research lies at the intersection of social inequality, sociology of work and organizations, and economic sociology. In previous research projects I focused on two questions 1) how has a shift from firm-internal to firm-external job mobility in past decades affected career outcomes and 2) how do organizational characteristics generate or alleviate race, class and gender inequality. I have published papers in Social Forces and Work and Occupations and the Southern Sociological Society awarded me with the 2013 Odum Student Paper Award. Currently, I am starting several projects that examine how organizations and social policy shape individual mobility outcomes.