Anne Kronberg | Teaching

Teaching Interests

My teaching interests include social inequality, organizations, and work and occupations. I also enjoy teaching research methods at the undergraduate and graduate level. My present courses primarily address how labor markets and organizational processes affect employment outcomes. Please see below for list of courses taught as independent instructor.

Courses Taught

Sociology of Work and Organization (Fall 2017)

An introduction to sociology of work and organizational theory, to understand how organizational processes affect the way we work. [Syllabus]

Work and Occupations in the 21st Century (Fall 2016)

Introduction to the changing nature of work such as the routinization of (service) work, decline of lift-time and standard employment relations, as well as the role of technological changes on work and occupations. [Syllabus]

Labor Markets and Job Mobility (Fall 2015/ Fall 2016/ Fall 2017)

Overview over labor market processes including job search and job loss that affect mobility outcomes. [Syllabus]

Research Practicum: Introduction to Multivariate Regression and in Inequality Research (Summer 2016/ Summer 2017)

Introduction to multiple regression. Students apply OLS and logistic regression to examine causes of gender and ethnic inequality using the German ALLBUS Survey with Stata. [Syllabus]

Race, Ethnicity and Gender Inequality in the Workplace (Fall 2015)

Introduction to perspectives explaining race and gender disparities in the workplace. [Syllabus]

Soc389 Race, Class and Gender in the Workplace (Spring 2015)

Introduction to perspectives explaining race, class and gender disparities in the workplace. [Syllabus]

Soc355 Social Research I (Spring 2002 / Spring 2013)

Introduction to principles of social research such as causality and research ethics. Hands-on experience with experiments, surveys, content analysis, and semi-structured interviews. [Syllabus]